The Stromer ST2 is a luxury electric bike for the affluent commuter, and in this review, I’ll see if it’s worth the money. Eco-friendly commuting options are experiencing a resurgence in the United States, with green-minded individuals, as well as budget-conscious and traffic-averse persons, abandoning cars and public transportation in favour of these cleaner vehicles.

Not all solutions, however, are the most convenient or comfortable. Biking to and from work will make you sweat, and even the greatest electric scooters aren’t the fastest or gentlest on your arms and legs. Fortunately, there are electric bikes available, such as the magnificent Stromer ST2, that require less effort to ride and are generally more comfortable, safer, and faster.

The Stromer ST2 isn’t just any other e-bike. There’s no denying that this Class 3 e-bike is at the top of the bicycle chain, so to speak. It’s every inch elegant and feature-rich, yet speedy and wonderfully strong. Not that you should expect anything less from something that will cost you a lot of money. Is it too much for most people? Certainly. Is it, however, worth the high entry fee? Every single dime.

Stromer ST2 e-Bike review: Build and Design

Still, whereas some e-bikes appear to be a jumbled tangle of crudely assembled pieces, the Stromer ST2 is more than just clean and simple. It also boasts a stylish and classy design that will look just as fantastic riding to work in your nicest suit as it will riding through your typical bike route. It’s similar to a Raleigh Centros Crossbar in the UK, but considerably more attractive.

There aren’t many cords visible here, and the detachable battery is hidden away inside the down tube for a more streamlined appearance. The touchscreen display, which is built into the head tube, the on/off button, which is located on the underside of the tube, and the rear wheel motor, which is hidden away in its own hub are all included.

The aluminium frame of the Stromer ST2 feels luxurious and robust, so you won’t have to worry about wobbling even on pothole-infested roads. Unfortunately, this also means that it is a heavy bike, weighing 72 pounds (33 kgs). If you reside on a higher storey apartment or condo unit, be sure you have an elevator large enough to accommodate it; you don’t want to be carrying something up and down the stairs, risking an accident.

Of course, there are the necessities, such as an electric horn, a low- and high-beam headlight with a brightness of up to 900 lumens, and an integrated brake light. There is also a small basket and a mini rack at the back where you may strap your bag.

The + and – power mode buttons, located next to the left grip, allow you to switch between settings on the fly. Meanwhile, the right grip contains the 5-Speed Sturmey Archer shifter, which is exceedingly simple to operate.

The touchscreen display, which is tucked into the top tube so that you won’t notice it until you’re right next to the e-bike, is equally as helpful and feature-rich. It is more than simply a display; it provides access to a plethora of options, customizations, and functionalities. However, its menu of settings may be too much for the typical user, as well as the chip that powers it — it takes 20 seconds to load, so don’t expect a rapid getaway.

Stromer ST2 e-Bike review: Features

Don’t let the Stromer ST2’s simple design fool you into thinking it’s lacking in functions. On the contrary, the normal user will find more than enough here.

The aforementioned 5-Speed Sturmey Archer shifter is not only simple to use but unlike other motorcycles, it can also be operated when you are not pedalling and the bike is at rest. There are also three power options for the motor here, ranging from the lowest, which allows you to go up to 19mph (30 kph), to the highest, which allows you to go up to 28 mph (45 kph). This essential function allows you to regulate your speed without having to actively do so while riding. It also assists you in limiting your speed when driving in congested places.

The Stromer ST2 incorporates regenerative braking technology, which, like many premium e-vehicles, recycles some of the braking and downhill energy expended, returning it back to the battery to prolong its range.

Finally, it has 3G and Bluetooth connectivity, which allows for features such as auto-locking/unlocking, GPS tracking, and anti-theft protection. The anti-theft feature, which aims to deter burglars while also attempting to prevent real theft, is two-fold: first, it switches off the motor, then it begins blowing the electronic horn to inform passers-by that a robbery is taking place.

Stromer ST2 e-Bike review: Performance

Despite the fact that its touch display’s OS is slow to power on and boot, I guarantee you won’t mistake the Stromer ST2 for anything slow. It has a 750-watt Stromer CYRO Drive IG motor that not only has a top speed of 28 mph (45 kph), but also kicks in easily and smoothly.

On flat terrain, you’ll notice that the pedal-assist kicks in before you even start pedalling. In fact, it will reach 15 mph with little effort from you. However, that motor shines brightest up hills and is powerful enough to propel even inexperienced cyclists up a 20% grade climb in fifth gear. It’s not pretty to see me try to cycle uphill on a non-electric bike, but this one makes me look less like a slob, even if I don’t gather momentum at the bottom of the incline.

The carbon belt drives it’s equipped with is a thing of riding beauty, making pedalling smooth and silent – albeit the motor does have a perceptible humming. Furthermore, it appears to be designed for simple maintenance without losing longevity.

However, there is no mistaking this for anything other than an urban ride. While it is wonderfully smooth to ride on paved roads (even those with little potholes), and the saddle is ergonomically constructed to keep you comfortable and in place, it does not perform well on dirt pathways. I discovered this the hard way when I found up in a Joshua Tree community where the streets had yet to be paved. Those Cycl-e ST tyres also perform poorly on loose terrain.

Fortunately, there is always enough power to get you home. The Stromer ST2’s base configuration has a 618Wh battery with a range of up to 75 miles (120 km), which is sufficient for an urban environment. Upgrade to a 983Wh battery and you’ll get 112 miles (180 km).

Just keep in mind that the battery will continue to drain, albeit at a considerably slower rate, even after the Stromer ST2 is turned off. If you plan to use this for your everyday commute, make sure to check the battery level the night before.

Stromer ST2 e-Bike review: Release Date and Price

The Stromer ST2, which will be available for purchase in February 2021, will not be for the faint of heart. The cost of admission is $5,699 / £5,252. That’s a lot of money, and that’s before you include in all the customizations and changes you may make on the Stromer website before you click the buy button.

There are a few configurations available, some of which will increase the overall cost. If you choose Royal Blue instead of the standard Dark Grey, it will cost you $60 / £51. If you add a suspension fork, the price rises to $499 / £367. Need a more powerful battery with a range of 110 miles (180 kilometres) on a single charge? Then prepare to pay a whopping $6,499 / £5,938 as the ultimate price.

The ST2 is also one of Stromer’s most affordable models. Its top ST5 model comes with ABS brakes and starts at $10,499/£8,853. There are certainly less expensive e-bikes available, but there are reasons why this one costs more.

Stromer ST2 e-Bike review: Verdict

The Stromer ST2 is unquestionably a high-end purchase. However, it is well worth the price, from its design and features to its performance and comfort. Despite the fact that it is one of Stromer’s more cheap options, it is apparent that quality has not been compromised.

Its sleek and minimalist design, rock-solid construction, and simple operation will appeal to you. More importantly, you’ll discover that the comfort and performance it provides, particularly on steeper hills, are well worth the money. That’s because, other than the fact that it’s heavy and its on-screen menu takes a while to load, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything you don’t like about it.

The Stromer ST2 is a smooth ride with easy handling that even inexperienced cyclists will find appealing, and it’s easy to recommend. At least for those willing to splurge.