TheMartinLogan Verse is a low-profile Soundbar and is the perfect size for a 55-65 inch TV. You can lay it flat on a TV stand or mounted on a wall above or below your TV and the LCD display reorients itself correctly for each option.

During the setup process, you will actually specify how you have positioned the Verse and it will automatically calibrate the settings to provide the best sound. On the back of the Verse, you will find two optical inputs, two analog inputs, and a subwoofer out. The Verse even has IR pass-through so if you have other components in a cabinet behind closed doors the two IR outputs can pick up the signals and pass them from the soundbar down to your components.MartinLogan Verse Soundbar Review 13

The Verse can even learn your TV’s remote allowing you to control the volume with your remote as you always have. You can also control the Verse via the included handheld remote or use the row of buttons on the right side of the soundbar. Of course, MartinLogan is known as the home audio speaker so you will probably also want to listen to music on the Verse. Bluetooth makes this simple we recommend putting the Verse in stereo audio mode from using to get a true to channel experience. In this mode, you can choose from three different configurations Normal mode, Wide mode, and Voice mode. The wide mode which provides a broader soundstage and Voice mode which boosts the dialogue and simulates a center channel affecting stereo.MartinLogan Verse Soundbar Review 14

Inside the Verse are nine 2.5” long-excursion drivers enough to actually simulate a 5 channel surround sound system. You can also turn off the surrounds using them in normal mode or go into a mode that boosts the surround effect by 6dB for those big action movies. The drivers can actually get pretty low providing the 65Hz bass response. If you want to add a subwoofer you could use the included audio output and run a cable to a sub using the built-in transmitter to send the signal over to any sub with an audio input. The receiver you need for this actually comes right in the box with the Verse. So that’s an awesome bonus for MartinLogan.

MartinLogan Verse Soundbar Review 15For our testing, we added a MartinLogan Dynamo 700 Sub when you tell the Verse that a sub is connected it no longer tries to reproduce the lower frequencies sending those down to the sub. This frees up the Verse to focus on the critical mid-range frequencies. Once you have a sub connected there are three bass modes to choose from Normal, Night and Bass+. The Night Mode reduces the bass and compresses dynamics so you won’t disturb the sleeping baby or neighbors. The Bass+ mode gives you more oomph. You can even fine-tune the bass with the level control which gives you a 10dB range to boost or cut as you see fit.


System Sealed
Power (system) 135 Watts (270 Watts peak) combined total output across 9 amplifiers.
Frequency Response +/-3dB 65–20,000 Hz ±2dB (1/3 octave smoothing on channel axis)
HDMI Inputs None
Audio Return Channel (ARC) Yes
Component Video Inputs No
Composite Video Inputs
Optical Digital Inputs 2
Coaxial Digital Inputs
Analog Audio Inputs 2
Video Outputs 1
Audio Outputs 1
Bluetooth Yes
Display Type None
Wall-mountable Yes
Remote Control Yes
Tweeter 9x 2.5″
Midrange Driver
Subwoofer No
Wireless Subwoofer Yes
Bar Width Table Mount 46.1″ Wall Mount 46.1″
Bar Height Table Mount 3.5″ Wall Mount 5″
Bar Depth Table Mount 5″ Wall Mount 3.9″
Sub Width No
Sub Height No
Sub Depth No
Optional orientation Front
Bar Weight 12.7
Sub Weight No
Color Black

MartinLogan Verse Soundbar Review 16For those of you who don’t know MartinLogan and anthem share the same passive investor and thus share a lot of great technology. Anthems room correction technology known as ARC has taken the world by storm. ARC is built into the MartinLogan Verse and it makes a huge difference. We the Verse in all kinds of rooms acoustically treated listening rooms to a glass sunroom. ARC dramatically improved the sound in every situation. Simply put if you are looking to improve the audio from your TV the MartinLogan Verse is the answer. Not only is the audio quality fantastic as it is in all MartinLogan speakers but ARC make sure that the Verse sounds its best, no matter the room.MartinLogan Verse Soundbar Review 17

The MartinLogan Verse is the perfect solution for getting great audio from your TV shows, movies, and music without breaking the bank or running wires. From the sound perspective, it’s one of our absolute favorite soundbars.