The Glorious Model D is a great gaming mouse that’s made to be as lighting as possible. It is a more ergonomic edition of the ambidextrous Glorious Model O and performs perfectly. It’s very comfy to utilize and is better fitted to palm or claw grips. Its honeycomb pattern style helps it be very lightweight, your feet glide very well, also it even includes additional skates. It functions RGB lighting and will be personalized with presets inside its software program.

Our Verdict

The Glorious Model D is ideal for FPS games. Its click on latency is quite low, it is a very lightweight computer mouse, and its own right-slanted design is comfy to use. However, if you are using a fingertip grip, you will be better off having an ambidextrous mouse just like the Design O, and smaller fingers might even prefer considering the Model O minus. Its foot is great, and you could also stick the included larger skates if you prefer them.