Since its release in 2018, the Fyne Audio F302 has been one of our favorite speakers. The fact that they were floorstanders and reasonably priced made the deal even sweeter, as speakers of this kind are uncommon.

The original F302 speakers were obviously not broken, but that hasn’t prevented Fyne’s engineers from trying to improve them. The tweeter was the most obvious opportunity for improvement, therefore the 25mm polyester dome was replaced with a titanium design taken from the company’s higher-end F500 series. To improve performance, the tweeter housing and crossover have been updated.

These modifications raised the high-frequency headroom of the floorstanders from 28kHz to 34kHz. The lower limit remains at 36Hz, which is not surprising given that the 15cm multi-fiber mid/bass unit and cabinet remain basically the same, save for a new matte black finish on the curving baffle band enclosing the tweeter.

Fyne Audio F302i: Specs

  • System Type 2-way, rear-ported
  • Recommended amplifier power 30-120W
  • Sensitivity 90dB
  • Nominal impedance 8 ohm
  • Frequency response (-6dB typical in room) 36Hz-28kHz
  • Drive units 1 x 150mm multi-fibre bass/ mid 1 x 25mm titanium dome tweeter
  • Dimensions (hwd) 932 x 233 x 308mm (36.7 x 9.2 x 12.1-inches)
  • Weight (each) 13.3kg (29.3lb)
  • Finishes Walnut, Black Ash, Light Oak

Fyne Audio F302i: Build

For the price, these are well-built towers. We like how Fyne has now installed magnets on the back of the cabinet to store the grilles when not in use. It’s a nice touch.

Negatives? We’d want the plastic two-piece plinth to be a little more classy, but other than that, there’s not much to complain about here. The F302i is sturdy, well-made, and, at 93cm tall, not overpowering in compact spaces.

These speakers are flexible in more ways than one. They’re quite flexible about room placement as long as you don’t cram them into a corner or straight up against a wall. A slight toe-in towards the main listening location helps to provide attention to the presentation, but the precise amount isn’t critical for obtaining a nice, solid stereo image.

The F302i is also tolerant when it comes to partnering equipment, producing decent sounds from the Denon D-M41 mini while still demonstrating why something like the Rega Elex-R amplifier is so good.

Fyne Audio F302i: Sound

Our initial observations are that these new speakers sound identical to the previous F302. To be clear, this is a good thing. We’re listening to Nick Cave and Warren Ellis’ new album Carnage, and it’s a taut, musical presentation that’s as direct as it is enjoyable.

Cave’s unmistakable growl dominates with clarity and bite, and the background instrumentation is well-organized and flows in a rhythmic and unified manner. The album’s steady ebb and flow is also effectively caught, making it easier to focus on the music rather than getting distracted by the hi-mechanics. fi’s

The new tweeter makes a noticeable change, as the F302i sounds smoother and more refined than before. It’s not the sweetest or most refined treble we’ve heard at this level, but it’s nice enough to avoid criticism.

As we transition to Hans Zimmer’s Inception OST, the F302i continues to amaze. They dig deep and true for a floorstander at this level while remaining in control. It’s reassuring to discover that the hefty bass is well incorporated into the midrange rather than jutting out and presenting an unwelcome distraction.

These skyscrapers make a solid fist of pounding out the album’s harsh dynamic swings while maintaining their cool. We’re amazed by the level of detail provided, as well as the amusing manner in which all of this information is integrated to create a sound that we’re delighted to simply sit back and enjoy. The soundstage of the F302i is relatively large and well-layered. When it comes to stereo focus and image consistency, there isn’t much to complain about for speakers at this price point.

Tonally, everything is nicely balanced and, as previously stated, noticeably smoother than before. This is still a dynamic sound, but you can enjoy recordings that are brighter or more aggressive as well.


  • More refined presentation than F302
  • Cohesive and musical performance
  • Expressive dynamics


  • Not much at this price


Fyne Audio has done an excellent job with the F302i, retaining everything we liked about its award-winning predecessors while improving on the key flaw. If you’re searching for a great-sounding pair of inexpensive floorstanders, these are a must-listen.