Do Crushed Eggshells Deter Snails?

Gardening enthusiasts often face the challenge of dealing with pesky snails that can wreak havoc on their precious plants. In the quest for natural and eco-friendly solutions, one popular suggestion is to use crushed eggshells as a deterrent. But does this method truly deter snails, or is it just another gardening myth?

In this article, we delve into the world of eggshells and snail deterrence to provide you with the most effective techniques to keep these slimy invaders at bay.

Are Snails Deterred by Eggshells?

Eggshells do indeed deter snails. The sharp texture of crushed eggshells creates an unwelcoming environment for these garden pests, causing them to avoid areas where eggshells are present. Using crushed eggshells is a simple and safe way to protect your garden from snail damage without harming the environment or other beneficial insects.

Why Do Eggshells Deter Snails?

The deterrence of snails by eggshells is not solely attributed to their smell. Although eggs possess a distinct odor, it is not the primary reason snails are repelled. Instead, it is the presence of eggshells that alerts the snails to the potential hazards.

Snails dislike traveling over eggshells due to several factors:

  1. Adhesion: Eggshells stick to snails’ bodies due to the mucus they secrete, which makes movement uncomfortable and undesirable.
  2. Texture: The hard and sharp surface of eggshells is unpleasant for snails to crawl on, deterring them from exploring those areas.
  3. Injury: The sharp edges of crushed eggshells can potentially cause harm to snails if they pierce their soft bodies.
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How to Use Eggshells to Deter Snails

Utilizing eggshells to deter snails is a straightforward process. Instead of discarding your eggshells, crush them into small pieces (not dust) and spread them strategically around your garden. You can sprinkle the crushed eggshells on top of the soil in your plant pots or flower beds. This barrier will prevent snails from traversing the area, safeguarding your plants from their munching tendencies.

Are Eggshells Safe to Use in the Garden?

Absolutely! Eggshells are not only safe for your garden, but they can also be beneficial to your plants. Eggshells are a rich source of calcium, and their presence in the soil can enhance plant growth and health. Some plants, such as tomatoes and spinach, particularly benefit from the added calcium, as it can help prevent diseases like blossom end rot.

Using eggshells as a natural fertilizer is a sustainable way to promote plant growth while simultaneously deterring snails. It’s a win-win situation for your garden!

What Other Terrains Will Deter Snails?

While eggshells are an excellent natural deterrent, there are other techniques you can use to keep snails at bay. These alternatives offer similar discomfort to snails, discouraging them from crossing into your garden:

1. Gravel

Snails dislike traveling across gravel for the same reasons they avoid eggshells. The small stone pieces are cold, sharp, and can stick to their mucus, making it an uncomfortable journey for them. Placing gravel around the borders of your garden can effectively keep snails away from all areas.

2. Slate

Slate provides another deterrent for snails with its cold, uncomfortable surface. The slate flags or broken-up chunks of slate create a harsh terrain that snails are reluctant to crawl across, making it an excellent snail-repelling option for your garden.

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3. Mulch

Mulch, composed of decaying plant matter, can also deter snails due to its rough and inconsistent texture. Bark shards, leaves, wood chippings, and sometimes even eggshells mixed in with the mulch create an environment snails prefer to avoid. Using mulch not only keeps snails away but also benefits plant growth as it acts as a natural fertilizer.

Do Eggshells Deter Other Pests?

Eggshells not only deter snails but also discourage other common garden pests, including slugs and cutworms.


Like snails, slugs are sensitive to the sharp edges of eggshells, and the small pieces may stick to their mucus. By using crushed eggshells, you can effectively prevent slugs from damaging your plants, offering additional protection while also deterring snails.


Cutworms, a type of caterpillar, do not move like snails and slugs, but they still have to crawl along the soil’s surface. The presence of eggshells creates an uncomfortable environment for cutworms, discouraging them from attacking your plants.


In conclusion, crushed eggshells serve as an effective and natural snail deterrent for your garden. The sharp edges and uncomfortable texture make it undesirable for snails to crawl over the eggshells, ultimately protecting your plants from their destructive tendencies. Moreover, using eggshells as a natural fertilizer benefits your plants, and the deterrent effect also extends to other pests like slugs and cutworms.

When combined with other terrain options, such as gravel, slate, or mulch, you can create a fortified garden that is unappealing to snails and various garden pests. So, gather those eggshells, crush them, and strategically spread them in your garden to enjoy a beautiful and snail-free oasis.

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