Today we’ll bring you some of the Best Snow Blowers in 2020.

Winter comes only once a year for a period of time. There are those that don’t have winter and those who have winter all year long. Anyway, there are those who love winter and those who hate it. Those that hate winter because it’s too cold and the other thing is snow can be a nuisance. Snow can also be fun but for some people, it can be very annoying. Snow can block up the driveway, block the road or just cause a mess of things. You can clean the snow and the best way to do it is by using a snowblower. There are a lot of different kinds of snow blowers that you can buy.

However, there are factors you need to consider before you buy and use a specific snowblower. These factors would include the amount of snow you’re planning to get rid of, the area of the snow that you’re dealing with and the terrain. When you have all of these down you can determine, which snowblower that you want. The usage is primarily the same where a snowblower just gets rid of the snow by tossing it to the side. When you’re ready to buy one but have no idea, which snowblower to get take a look at our Top Snow Blowers in 2019.

Here are the Best Snow Blowers 2020. Whether you need the best of the best or the most affordable option we have one for you.

5 Best Snow Blowers 2020

1. Honda Power Equipment HS720AA Snow Blower

The HS720AA is presented to you by Honda. The same Honda makes cars and motorcycles. It’s also gas-powered and efficient you don’t need to refuel it very often. Honda HS720AA is very easy to use and very safe.

Honda HS720AA is a single-stage motor so it’s perfect for light uses as well as clearing out smaller areas of snow. It can clear an area 20 inches of space during every tow and can toss snow as high as 30 feet in the air. Make sure to adjust where the snow will land so you won’t be doing the work all over again.

The big kicker here is that you can clear out over 1,800 pounds of snow and every try. The Honda HS720AA will have a two-year warranty starting on the day of purchase. It’s a good blower to have for those smaller spaces in areas. This is also portable to use so you can carry it around with ease and the maneuverability isn’t hard, to begin with.

The Honda HS720AAis a good snowblower to get if it’s your first snow blower and you don’t have much space to clear out.

2. Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E Electric Snow Thrower

We’ll start off by telling you that first, it comes with a two-year warranty which already sweetens the pot. The snow joe is an electric-powered snow blower so you don’t need to worry about changing or cleaning oil problems that the blower might have.

Some may worry because it is an electric blower but this power that it gets is similar or even greater to that of a gas-powered one. Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E snowblower looks small but it’s very powerful and is not only made for light work but can also be doable for medium work. You can clear out a lot of snow in a small and even slightly wide driveway.

It’s easy to use and isn’t hard to maintain anyway so that’s always a good thing. Maintenance is also not an issue with the snow joe because as stated it doesn’t run on gas so there’s no need to clean the tubes. The actual chute in other parts of the blower can be easily cleaned you don’t even need chemicals to do it. Just do some basic wiping on the parts and you’re good to go as long as there are no smudges and dirt on the snowblower itself.

Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E is a perfect piece to get when you want to deal with light to mild work and you don’t want to get too tired with it as well.

3. Greenworks 20″ Snow Blower

Greenworks Snow Blower

Greenworks Snow Blower



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This little snowblower can be enough for some of your smaller scale snow blowing operations. Now just because it’s light use doesn’t mean you can’t use it for some of the milder work as long as you make sure it stays in good condition.

It doesn’t break down easily as well so it can be good to use with enough care. It’s light to carry around and is easy to use. It can rotate easily so that means when you push and it blows you won’t be having a hard time doing the turning. When it comes to the performance it blows the snow over 20 feet in the air and just angle where you want the snow to fall.

The snowblower also has the option of being electric or using gas power. That’s right, if you want to use the Greenworks with electricity then just plug in the wire, if you want to use gas then just fill her up and use it to go. Take a look at the design as its sleek effective and visually appealing.

While they do have the Greenworks blower as their frontrunner does them there are also other colors available. This is a great snowblower at a good price.

4. Briggs & Stratton Snow Thrower with 208cc Engine

This is another stage one blower so it means it’s meant for light work in small spaces. It might be for lighter jobs but this little guy can have a lot of bonuses to it.

It’s very easy and convenient to use as it isn’t hard to push and turn when you want to use it. The engine on this blower is gas-powered and won’t run down even if you’re using it during a snowy day. The Briggs & Stratton Snow Thrower has more edge to it when it comes to convenience because it has a remote where you can change and shift the direction to where the snow comes out.

You can change the angle and power remotely so you don’t even need to stop the blower every time you have to adjust it. You can basically change and push at the same time, which means you can save time and do the job much faster than you normally could.

You get good results for the money you pay for this little snowblower when you can.

5. Husqvarna ST224P, 208cc Electric Snow Blower

Much like the Briggs & Stratton but much more powerful so it does cost more. This electric stage 2 blower can cover a larger area and throw a whole lot more snow.

It has 15-inch tires so it won’t get stuck and you can push it with ease. It also is good with the turning radius and doesn’t slide all over the place. You can also remotely control the rotation of the deflector of the chute. This means you can change the direction of where the snow will go and how high and far it goes out.

Once again, it’s super easy and convenient because you don’t have to stop the blower for adjustments. This snow blower is light enough to carry around even though it’s made for heavy-duty work.

Make sure to get the Husqvarna ST224P if you’re in the need for a heavy-duty snow blowing machine. It’s a great product at a great price.