If you’re looking for the best iPhone 13 Pro Max case, you’re going to have a difficult time because there isn’t a single case that is suitable for everyone. Some people choose the slimmest option available, while others prefer the most protective. And one case cannot meet both of these requirements without directly breaking the rules of physics.

Following the lead set by the iPhone 12 Pro Max last year, the iPhone 13 Pro Max continues to push the boundaries of what consumers may expect from a top-tier iOS handset. However, with Apple’s greatest rear camera array and Apple’s fastest CPU, you should definitely cover your handset with one of the best iPhone 13 Pro Max cases to keep it looking brand-new.

Best iPhone 13 Pro Max Cases

Some may interpret this as a hint to buy whatever case looks good, and although it is not entirely incorrect, our process works a little differently. When comparing instances, appearance is only one of a few critical characteristics we consider. Other considerations in selecting our best cases include protection, mobility, grip, wireless charging support, and additional features. And, understanding that each of them will have varying degrees of importance to various people, we weigh them more or less equally.

A case is only worth employing if it meets at least three of these criteria, although which ones are most important to the user is up to the user. Those who routinely commute, for example, should prioritize case protection because they will likely use their phone more frequently than those who work from home. On the other hand, someone who works from home may choose a thinner case that fits easily in their hand (especially given how large the iPhone 13 Pro Max is).

And as for the extras, it’s difficult to say whether a built-in kickstand, a card slot, a pop socket, or even a screen protector are necessary, but they’re always good to have. Or maybe they’re necessary for how you use your phone, and that’s fine too.

Is an iPhone 13 Pro Max Case Really Necessary?

Before you decide not to acquire an iPhone 13 Pro Max case, we beg you to examine the following statistics. According to this Business Insider report, 86 percent of their poll respondents use a case with their iPhone. Now, I’m not typically one to condone fitting for the sake of fitting, but numbers like that strongly suggest that the advantages of a case outweigh the disadvantages.

The benefits of a case include increased protection, additional style, and even the use of extra features like a kickstand or card slot. And what about the disadvantages? Broken screens and shattered camera lenses are more likely. Furthermore, with right-to-repair legislation only recently gaining traction, you’re looking at a hefty charge to have the screen of your iPhone 13 Pro Max fixed. Getting a case for your new phone isn’t strictly necessary, but it is unquestionably prudent, and we’re here to remind you of that.