Despite the fact that this phone is still relatively new, there are an inordinate number of iPhone 13 Pro cases available online. That’s bad news for shoppers suffering from analytical paralysis.

The iPhone 13 Pro is a sensible upgrade over Apple’s iPhone 13, so you should be sensible as well and invest in one of the best iPhone 13 Pro cases to protect your expensive phone. You didn’t buy a nice SuperRetina XDR display and a 77mm telephoto camera to break them on the concrete, after all.

Best iPhone 13 Pro Cases

Fortunately, when it comes to phone cases, I’ve been around the block a few times. In my six years of evaluating phone covers, I’ve identified five critical elements that are almost always included in the finest phone cases: protection, portability, grip, wireless charging support, and extra functionality.

To be sure, not every case we looked at excelled in all of these areas, but the majority of the better ones excelled in at least three. And believe me, I’ve seen lots of examples that fall short in most of these categories.

Because not everyone’s demands for a phone case are the same, I’ve made sure to include a selection of cases in all of my roundups. After all, not everyone is cautious enough to use a small case or daring enough to use a rugged defense case. And I know that added features like foldout kickstands, built-in screen protectors, and card slots are optional for many folks.

So, now that I’ve reduced it down to the best of the best for you, it’s up to you to decide which of these attributes is most important to you.

Is an iPhone 13 Pro Case Really Necessary?

We’ve all experienced the thrill of holding an iPhone 13 Pro without a case. Some of us crave that sensation. But is it worth risking damage to your brand-new phone to experience that sensation? Or do you truly require an iPhone 13 Pro case? Yes, you probably do if you want your phone to last until the iPhone 14 Pro is out.

You’re more likely to break your phone screen if you don’t use a protective cover, and with right-to-repair legislation only recently gaining traction, you’re looking at a very hefty fee to have the screen of your iPhone 13 fixed.

This is a costly setback for any budget, as most smartphone users are already aware. According to this Business Insider report, 86 percent of their poll respondents use a case with their iPhone. With figures like that, it’s evident that most smartphone owners think that phone cases are a no-brainer.