Electric Go-Karts are the newest craze nowadays for both kids and kids in a heart. It is exhilarating relatively safe and environmentally friendly. It gives the rider the speed rush they truly want in a Go-Kart and more. As in this article, we have rounded up the 4 Electric Best Go-Karts for Kids 2020 available in the market that would give you the speed the acceleration and the handling you’re looking for.

To save you both time and money, we’ve narrowed down to some of the Best Electric Go-Karts for Kids.

4 Best Electric Go-Kart for Kids 2020

Check out an in-depth review of the Best Electric Go-Karts for Kids in 2020.

4. Razor Dune Buggy

A buggy that will give you the ease of mind. Because of its ideal balance between fun factor and risk of harm. Razor dune buggy top priority is its safety. With just 9 miles per hour, this buggy will not give you a heart attack when your child uses it. The throttle can even be set so that it goes slower.

Releasing the accelerator will give you a quick slow down. The thumb paddle is much better for kids than learning the foot pedal. There is a rear disc brake of course but it may only be necessary for a kid is rolling downwards.

Razor dune buggy is much better than any go-kart because it can handle bumps more efficiently. With soft tires, it can give any riders smooth rides. It can steer easily in cement asphalt or grass without any problem. Razor dune buggy is best for kids eight years old and above with not more than 120 pounds.

This Buggy is one of the best go karts for kids. The speed can reach up to 10 miles per hour with its 8-inch knobby pneumatic tires and 350-watt electric motor. It also has a very durable tubular steel frame, padded bucket seat.

3. MotoTec off-road Go-Kart

This rugged yet handsome Go-Kart features a powerful 48 volts and 1,000 watts motor. Your kid can enjoy on-road and off-road rides and can even surpass different types of terrain maybe on sand or snow too.

The roll cage safety bars are sturdy and heavy-duty enough to protect your kid. It only requires basic assembly and won’t take too much of your time. In a jiffy, you can enjoy riding on it. This go-kart boasts different parent-adjustable speed settings from 10 15 and 20 miles per hour.

Just like a typical vehicle, it has a seatbelt – and your kid can enjoy its adjustable seating position. The positraction hydraulic brake is sure stopping on command. It is operated to us to limit slip. The steering wheel is padded in its frame is a tubular high tensile steel frame.

You could have it fully charged for five to six hours and can reach 10 to 15 miles long. This 141 pounds Go-Kart has a carrying capacity of 120 pounds only. Your kid will definitely enjoy the feel and vibe of riding and rough surfaces with this awesome go-kart.

2. Razor Ground Force Drifter Fury Ride On

Its construction is inspired by the original Razor ground force drifter. In particular, the super slider POM rear wheels and the Go-Kart frame style. The durable powder-coated steel construction and low profile cast aluminum wheels with rubber tires enhance its steering maneuverability.

This Electric Go-Kart can last up to 40 minutes of continuous driving. Charging time of Two 12 volts sealed lead-acid batteries. Is up to 12 hours for maximum operation. The vehicle speed setting hand-operated, rear brake and thumb trigger acceleration control allow optimum drifting motion control.

If you like speed, this electric Go-Kart is for you. It provides up to 12 miles per hour making it an ideal car to drift around a cul-de-sac Road or zip around the flat trails. Become the center of attention when you go-kart racing and pro tracks or in fun zones with your super slick GFD fury with its race-tuned ultra-sleek chassis. Its unique spark bar with replaceable spark cartridge leaves a shower of sparks.

The bucket style seat has shoulder and strap seats for drivers’ full protection during the ride. Razor combines cutting-edge technology with high-quality materials that ensure ultimate kart riding experience for ages eight and above.

1. Razor Drifting Crazy Kart

Number one our list of Best Electric Go-Kart is the Razor Drifting Crazy Kart with a durable adult bucket seat and high torque motor. Get the thrill and speed up to 12 miles per hour with this ultimate drifting machine.

The Razor Go Kart lets you control your speed through foot pedal acceleration drive smooth and slow spin 360 degrees or get into crazy Kart mode by simply lifting the drift bar. Drift like a pro with razor’s drift system. A patented technology that allows you to change the rear caster angle so you can drift in every direction.

Wherever you’re adventurous mind will sake you and while you do so steer the wheel with ease even when turning in tight corners. This go-kart has pneumatic front tires to avoid flat sand blowouts and anti-tip dual rear caster wheels and front stabilizing posts to ensure your safety.

This electric Go-Kart comes with a 24-volt lead acid rechargeable battery system that can be used continuously up to 40 minutes. A battery charger in a flag is also included. Pump up your adrenaline and experience a completely new level of go-kart driving with this racer toy. Fun simple to use yet exhilarating the Razor Go Kart is a crowd favorite among adults and kids alike.

This is definitely something you can consider. This is our cool list of 5 best electric go-karts for kids.