We found that the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 is still the best computer speaker in 2021 after 36 hours of research and comparison. While these speakers are a little older, they have earned their place as some of the best PC speakers on the market, with excellent audio. Don’t just take our word for it; THX certification backs it up!

If you want compact or wireless speakers, this isn’t the product for you. However, we have the best in these categories listed below. Learn more about it by reading on.

Best Computer Speakers 2021

1. Klipsch ProMedia 2.1

Despite its initial debut in 2002, the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 speaker remains a remarkably popular speaker to this day.

Even though these would be legal driving ages in the United States, they sound fantastic. They can, in fact, compete effectively with today’s speakers.

Aesthetically, the speakers have aged a little. They aren’t as terrible as some designs from that era, but they don’t necessarily embrace the same kind of clean lines that are so ubiquitous in modern design, nor do they have the over-the-top angles that are so prevalent in current gamer culture.

The two speakers are perfectly oriented to provide excellent music quality. And, like the Logitech G560, it boasts a subwoofer capable of handling low frequencies. Even if you don’t turn the subwoofer knob all the way up, you’ll notice a little rumbling. I wouldn’t recommend turning it all the way up because it can degrade the audio’s quality and clarity.

These speakers do not handle surround sound well, in contrast to 5.1 and 7.1 speakers. Regardless, they manage to do an excellent job with directional audio cues. In fact, whether gaming or watching a movie, explosions and bullets are beautifully matched.

One negative aspect of this speaker is its usage of traditional speaker cables, which can be difficult to work with at times and are easily damaged.

The audio quality is clean and detailed, as one would expect from a THX-certified speaker. Because of the subwoofer, high frequencies are crisp and clear, mid-frequencies are robust, and low-frequencies are vivid.

2. Logitech G560

Logitech has been producing high-quality speakers (as well as other computer accessories) for many years. Their product line includes speakers ranging in price from $20 to over $200. This time, they are excited to introduce their very first gaming speaker, the Logitech G560.

The build quality is good for the price, and I like that it has a matte finish because it makes cleaning a lot easier.

Because of the cylindrical satellite speakers, its design is greatly influenced by the MX Sound (previous Logitech speakers).

It’s a 2.1 channel game speaker with a small footprint. This means it includes a subwoofer to properly complement the sharp and detailed high- and mid-frequencies. The bass is very excellent at handling low frequencies. When playing games like Battlefield, you will feel a rumble when grenades explode near you.

The highs are fairly clear and don’t sound too sharp to the ear. The mids sound wonderful in the background and perform well without overpowering the midrange vocals. The bass is really powerful out of the box, but it is easily adjustable using the Logitech Gaming Software to achieve the ideal bass levels.

In addition to being a subwoofer, it also serves as a primary point for networking. You’ll discover a micro-USB port for connecting to your computer’s USB port, a 3.5mm input, and left and right channel outputs in different colors for easy identification.

The MX speakers have also influenced wireless connectivity. You can connect four devices at once and play music without having to fiddle with the connections. Simply pause the audio on device 1 and you can play music from any of the three linked devices– incredibly convenient.

The LED lights, on the other hand, are what actually distinguish these speakers. These aren’t your average RGB lights because, for the first time in a long time, they truly have a purpose: to immerse you further in the game by activating lighting patterns based on the game’s surroundings.

For example, if you’re playing GTAV and are being pursued by the cops, the LED lights on the speakers will glow red and blue, simulating the lights on the roofs of the cop cars. On DOTA 2, it will also turn red if you are being shot or have low HP.

Keep in mind, however, that the selection of compatible games is limited to a few major game titles. However, there should be more in the following years.

3. Altec Lansing BXR1220

The Altec Lansing BXR1220 is the finest 2.0 computer speaker for the money since it is small, easy to use, and sounds amazing.

In addition to being small, this speaker is USB-powered, making it very convenient to use wherever you are, especially if you frequently use a laptop or travel a lot. However, despite its small size, this can be quite loud if you turn it all the way up.

This contains a USB power cord and a 3.5mm jack that connects to your laptop or computer’s audio socket.

The drivers have a set angle that I wish could be adjusted manually. After all, not everyone is going to place things at the same distance apart or at the same height. Regardless, its small size compensates for this by allowing it to be readily placed on top of a bookshelf or a stack of books.

When compared to comparable speakers in this price range, it also has a fairly sturdy plastic build. It’s worth noting that these aren’t powered on like most current speakers. Instead of pressing a button, you turn a knob. While this is odd (and possibly bad design), it isn’t significant enough to be noticed.

When it comes to sound quality, it’s actually rather good. The highs are handled nicely, and the mids are adequate overall. The lows aren’t particularly strong, so if you want bass, you should search elsewhere. Having said that, these speakers should be enough for casual use.

4. Creative T30 Wireless Bluetooth 3.0

If you require a portable speaker that maximizes convenience and flexibility, we highly recommend the Creative T30 Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 speaker. Despite the fact that you may connect your mobile to the speaker wirelessly over Bluetooth, the packaging includes a 3.5mm connector, which is quite helpful.

Simply enable the Near-Field Communication, or NFC, setting on your device’s wireless settings (see to your phone’s handbook if you’re not sure) and hover it on top of the NFC icon situated in the right speaker to connect it.

If you want to wirelessly couple this with your computer, you don’t have to lift your computer to do so because it can be done manually (although that would be a rather unorthodox way of syncing your computer to your speakers). Simply press and hold the Bluetooth button on the front of the speaker until the light blinks. Then, simply restart your computer or laptop’s Bluetooth to identify the speaker and pair it.

The speaker isn’t as small as the Altec Lansing BXR1220, but it’s built quite well. You’ll also notice that there are four drivers:

  • 2x silk dome tweeters so you can listen to smooth highs
  • 2x woven glass fiber cone drivers for clear midrange frequencies.

There are also 3 knobs on the shell:

  • Volume knob
  • Treble knob
  • Bass knob

All of them can be precisely modified to your taste. If you want to listen to party music for fun, turn up the bass for a strong beat drop. Alternatively, you can tweak the treble to better hear the highs.

Just bear in mind that both speakers are linked by a wire that runs from one end of the speaker to the other, so it isn’t completely wireless. It only transmits music wirelessly.

It is important to note that Bluetooth speakers can cause a minor delay, which can have a detrimental impact on your results when playing competitive games. This can be prevented if you use the 3.5mm jack that comes with it.

However, if you require a wireless computer speaker for everyday usage and casual gaming, this is a good speaker for the money.

5. Logitech S150

The Logitech S150 is our affordable selection for this roundup. For less than $17, you can obtain a USB-powered computer speaker that is simple to use, ideal for basic usage, does not require a separate power brick and is ideal for PCs with a malfunctioning sound card, poor sound output, or no speakers at all.

They seem good, but they aren’t premium-looking by any means. However, given that it is from Logitech, a respected business recognized for producing high-quality computer accessories for many years, it is worthwhile to purchase.

You only have a USB cable for connectivity– that’s it. Simply put it into a USB port and you’ll have a functional digital speaker.

The sound isn’t what you’d expect from a terrific entertainment experience. It is, however, more than adequate for basic computer usages, such as rudimentary gaming, YouTube streaming, and other basic Windows applications.

There is also no power on/off button. To turn this off, either disconnect it, turn the volume down all the way, or mute it by hitting the middle button. Just keep in mind that the volume buttons also control the volume of Windows.

So, if you’re looking for a low-cost speaker that you can count on, the Logitech S150 is the one for you.

How Do We Select the Best Computer Speakers?

We’ve been in the computer industry for a few years now, and we’ve realized how much audio quality can make or break your experience– whether you’re a gamer, want to Netflix and chill, or want to listen to your favorite musician with your family.

All of the options we gathered were carefully considered. After 36 hours of deliberation, our crew selected the top performers in their respective categories:

  • Best Gaming Headphones
  • Best 2.1 Computer Speakers Best 2.1 Computer Speakers Best Small Computer Speakers
  • Wireless Computer Speakers That Work
  • Best Computer Speakers Under $100
    Our selection criteria are significantly weighted toward the following crucial points:

High-Quality Audio

The overall sound quality is the most significant consideration when purchasing a computer speaker. We’ll go over how to do this in greater detail later.

5.1 Surround Sound (3D-Sound)

Surround sound (or 3D sound) isn’t technically required, but why wouldn’t you want it? It can better immerse you in games or movies, making those experiences more valued as a result. Oh, plus you get to appreciate all of the efforts that those audio engineers put in.

Fortunately, our roundup proudly supports this function with flying colors. We’ll go into more detail about this below.


Aesthetics are only as essential as you make them, but if you’ve already spent money on a wonderful setup, this might be very crucial. Fortunately, we believe that all of our speakers are visually appealing and, at the very least, unobtrusive.

If you’re on a tight budget, we’d choose our budget pick over a similarly priced, more beautiful, but less functioning speaker.

Customer Feedback

We all know that firsthand experience is priceless. As a result, our selection process does not rely just on our experience in the field. Rather, we focused on real-world experiences with the product, particularly long-term durability and use.

Considerations for Choosing the Best Computer Speakers

So, remember how we said you should focus on quality but then left out how to get great speakers? We’re about to get to that.

What do you require?

It is critical that you have a clear vision of what you desire, whether it be gaming or mobility (Creative T30).

If you are a gamer, you should get a speaker that supports 3D surround sound (Logitech G560). This will provide you with clear directional auditory signals to prevent you from being killed from behind (it’s not what you believe).

If you enjoy watching movies with your family or throwing parties with your friends, a 2.1 speaker is recommended to hear nice balance and sound quality.

What is your financial situation?

When searching for computer speakers, keep in mind that the most costly option is not usually the best.

A good example would be the $500 Razer Nommo Pro! However, these did not make our list because other than the fact that their price tag is just “oof!”, they do not have any qualities that distinguish themselves in the same manner that their price tag does.

To give you an idea, computer speakers should range from $20 and $300.

What exactly is a THX Certification?

THX-certified speakers have undergone rigorous quality assurance and testing to offer the best audio quality and entertainment experience possible. You’ve probably seen the THX logo in a movie theatre.

Is it accompanied by any accessories?

Unlike cameras, which benefit immensely from the addition of accessories, computer speaker accessories have nothing to do with enhancing sound quality. Rather, they give convenience, such as how a remote allows you to change the volume on the fly.

Is it better to have 2.1 or 5.1 Surround Sound?

The numbers that appear as part of the speaker’s name or model correspond to the speaker channel.

The first number refers to the total number of speakers or audio channels installed on either side or behind you.

The second figure denotes the total number of powered subwoofers. These are the guys who can produce extremely low bass frequencies. If you’re planning to buy a computer speaker for entertainment purposes, at least one subwoofer is a must.

A subwoofer is not required for gaming, but it does provide several auditory cues and aspects that improve the game’s sound– or even make footfall more audible.

What do you think?

It’s difficult to persuade a vegan that pig steak is the best meal in town or a Coke addict that Pepsi is superior (not to spark a never-ending debate).

Sound quality, too, can be highly subjective. We all have different musical interests, and our selection may not be as enticing to others.

What is the procedure for connecting to wireless speakers?

If you require a wireless speaker, make sure to look into the pairing process.

Most speakers are simple to pair with your computer or any Bluetooth-enabled device. However, there are those speakers who go above and above. For example, the Logitech G560 allows you to connect four devices at once while listening to music. Simply pause the song on device 1 and play it on devices 2, 3, or 4.

Furthermore, the Near-Field Communication, or NFC, by Creative T30 allows you to connect effortlessly by simply hovering it over the NFC logo placed on top of one side of the speaker.


Whether it’s gaming speakers or regular PC speakers, selecting the finest speakers for you comes down to your unique needs. Hopefully, we’ve provided you with all of the information you need to go out and decide which ones are ideal for you.

Tell us what you think about our picks, which speaker is best for you, or just share your experiences if you own or have owned one of these before in the comments. We would be delighted to hear from you!