It’s not always easy to make your gaming headset stand out from the crowd, but Audeze knows how to do it better than others. Its flagship Mobius headset features not only planar magnetic speakers but also 3D head-tracking technology.

But does that convert into a fantastic experience when you use it? We’ve been putting the Mobius through its paces, so here’s what we think of it.

Design and Comfort

Audeze has taken a slightly different approach to design a headset that justifies its hefty price tag; rather than loading it down with metal and heavyweight materials, it has kept things relatively plastic. Don’t get us wrong: it’s high-quality plastic that’s pleasant to the touch and doesn’t feel brittle, but it doesn’t scream “class.”

On the surface, this isn’t a problem. It basically translates to a reasonably subdued style that looks like something you might wear outside the house without feeling like a walking neon brand advertisement – not that these are meant for portable use.

It also appears to be nearly identical to the less costly Penrose and Penrose X, though we’re not sure it reflects poorly on either model because, as previously stated, the design is quite robust.

However, if you put on the Mobius, you’ll likely agree with Audeze’s strategy – it’s quite comfy. The memory foam earcups are well-balanced in terms of grip, remaining on easily without clamping onto your skull, and they’re wonderful for longer sessions after you’ve gotten acclimated to the fit.

On-earcup controls are also useful, including toggles for the 3D mode (discussed further below), dials for adjusting game and chat volume, and a mute option to swiftly stop your curses from bothering anyone else in a party chat.

You can detach the microphone for a cleaner aesthetic, and the Mobius comes with beautifully braided cords to connect to your PC – all of which are strong and solid.

It’s a wonderful performance, but the real reason Audeze can charge such a high price for the bundle comes when you start using it…

Sound Quality

The Mobius sounds incredible – that’s the headline here. Planar magnetic drivers aren’t something you see every day in a gaming headset, and they’re a significant reason for the Mobius’ high price.

Although these are expensive headphones, they represent a surprisingly decent value in the context of planar magnetic headphones. This is backed up by the excellent sound, which has an incredible range while being extremely delicate.

Turning off the music in games with complex soundscapes reveals little nuances and murmurings you’ve never noticed before, from footsteps that are further away than you realize to lines of dialogue exchanged in the background of scenes.

When we were playing Call of Duty: Warzone and testing with different weaponry, we were astounded at moments by how much more punchy they sounded using the Mobius than we were used to, almost as if it injected new life into the game for us.

If a game has been effectively mixed, the Mobius offers about the greatest method to play it back to your ears, on a wired connection with zero delays and a 7.1 surround soundstage that just sings when games pick up the pace. It’s difficult to describe why this sounds better than a conventional headset, but after a few hours of use, you’ll notice the difference.

The microphone, which is detachable, is likewise very good, with clear pick-up that makes it ideal for party discussion. Meanwhile, the easily accessible mute button and settings make it an excellent headset for both multiplayer and single-player immersion.


Part of what makes the Mobius so unique to use is how much Audeze has packed into this headset – you get 7.1 surround audio, but there’s more to it. A tiny little “3D” button toggle is located on one of the Mobius’ earcups.

This button activates one of Audeze’s tricks: the company collaborated with Waves to implant its Nx technology into the headset, allowing it to follow your head as you move while wearing the headphones. You calibrate it on your PC using free software, and the headset knows where you’re looking in reference to your display.

Depending on where you look, this allows it to imitate the experience of being in a room with a full 7.1 speaker setup. On the one hand, under the proper conditions and with the appropriate audio mix, this can feel like witchcraft, transporting you to a surround sound world given by just two on-ear speakers. On the other hand, we didn’t see the difference on a consistent enough basis for it to feel like a game-changer.

But there are more strings to this bow. For one thing, you can connect to your headset in a variety of ways – wired via USB is preferable in our opinion for latency and quality, but the Mobius also features Bluetooth if you prefer wireless play, making it excellent for individuals who occasionally game on their mobile.

You can also juggle those connections too, say, take a phone conversation from your smartphone while still listening to game audio from your PC via a wired connection, which is useful if a little rare.


  • Stellar music and gaming performance
  • Crisp microphone quality
  • Comfortable ear cups


  • Tight fit
  • Bulky design
  • Some features require a wired connection
  • Expensive


You’ll have to pay a high amount for the opportunity of having a pair, but the Audeze Mobius is as excellent as a commercial gaming headset gets – it sounds incredible, has many tricks up its sleeve, and is comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

We’re not convinced that its head tracking feature adds much, but when it works flawlessly, it may feel like science-fiction, so if you have a large budget, the Mobius is an excellent pick for your gaming setup.